CSA Strategic Studies Group


Strategic Studies Group

The Strategic Studies Group (SSG) conducts independent, unconventional, and revolutionary research and analysis to generate innovative strategic and operational concepts for land forces in support of a governing theme provided by the CSA.


  • Independent: Reports exclusively to the CSA and is empowered to engage and leverage the resources and intellectual capacity of external organizations.

  • Unconventional: Provides the CSA an unbiased view of potential approaches to challenges and is unencumbered by traditional practices and methodologies.

  • Revolutionary: Conducts research and analysis focused expressly on devising innovative concepts and approaches to future challenges and opportunities.

    The SSG is responsible for:

  • Exploring human factors, technology, science, policy and processes to generate concepts related to topics such as future uses and required competencies for land forces.

  • Self-organizing into concept teams to research, analyze and evaluate the concepts through interaction with academia, industry and government.

  • Recommending to the CSA a roadmap to develop and integrate the concepts in support of the governing theme.

    As we face the dynamic and complex challenges of the future security environment, the SSG is poised to support the CSA to ensure the Army remains the nation’s force of decisive action.



    The SSG is comprised of an annual cohort of the most capable and creative leaders and thinkers drawn from all military Services and the civilian community. The CSA’s emphasis is on forming a diverse team of officers and civilians with the ability to think critically on a wide range of multi-faceted topics.


    Each year, the CSA will select a broad governing theme to guide the SSG’s research. The SSG informs the CSA of its progress throughout the year and produces a summary briefing and written report of the concepts, research results and recommendations. These products, while focused on a long-term view, may influence the CSA’s decisions on near and mid-term goals affecting the direction of the Army.


    Assignment to the SSG, located in Arlington, VA, is for a term of one year for military fellows (all Services, in the grade of O-3 to O-6, CW3-CW5, E7-E9) and one to three years for civilian fellows (GS-13 to GS-15) drawn from both the government and private sector.

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